Collection: Alefbi

AlefBi is a story of letters, the indispensable symbolic slaves of words for more than a thousand years. Forming their very sounds and meaning, they have served words faithfully and, like slaves, not been allowed to change their shapes. Letters have not been seen as individuals but rather as a subordinate part of their linguistic surroundings.
Weary of their historical mission and tired of the restraints of their classic shapes, the letters demand a change.
AlefBi sets the Persian letters free to settle on the paper in exciting new forms and styles. The letters are often fickle and changeable. They are sometimes very jealous of their fellows, like when Se(ث) imitates Ne(ن). The words cannot exist without them, but they will no longer be slaves. Let us follow their journey to independence.  AlefBi is not just the story of letters, it is the story of a revolution.