Rumi Collection
The collection of letters which form a verbal unit is named a word. But as Rumi says: “Just connecting the letters does not create a meaningful word. Those letters must be invested with more that is rich and fruitful.”
What treasures did Rumi himself put into the words that arose from his extensivevocabulary?
In this collection I have designed 20 words that are important in Rumi’s thought, based on his poems. These 20-word designs delineate my perspective on centrally significant words in Rumi’s poetry.
Rumi says: “In (all) its expressions, my object is (to reveal) thy mystery. /In composing it, my object is (to hear) thy voice.” What sense of mystery enters our minds when we see these 20 words?
KHOSH(Happy) Print
MAAH(Moon) Print
SAGHI(Cupbearer) Print
SHAMS(Sun) Print
TO(You) Print
SHAB(Night) Print
ADAM(Human) Print
ALEF(A) Print
ASEMAN(Sky) Print
AZAD(Free) Print
BARAN(Rain) Print
DEL(Heart) Print
DIDAR(Vision) Print
ESHGH(Love) Print
GOL(Rose) Print
HICH(Nothing) Print
INSAN(Heman) Print
JANAN(Beloved) Print
KAMAN(Bow) Print
KHOMAR(Dreamy) Print
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