The collection of letters which form a verbal unit is named a word. But as Rumi says: “Just connecting the letters does not create a meaningful word. Those letters must be invested with more that is rich and fruitful.”
What treasures did Rumi himself put into the words that arose from his extensivevocabulary? In this collection I have designed 20 words that are important in Rumi’s thought, based on his poems. These 20-word designs delineate my perspective on centrally significant words in Rumi’s poetry.
Rumi says: “In (all) its expressions, my object is (to reveal) thy mystery. /In composing it, my object is (to hear) thy voice.” What sense of mystery enters our minds when we see these 20 words?
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Do not like Iblis see in Adam only
water and clay; see that behind
the clay are my hundred thousand
rose bowers 
- Rumi


Be done with going back like a twisted foot; be as alif, sit single and upright 
- Rumi

Become the sky, take an axe to
prison wall, escape walk out like
someone suddenly born into color 
- Rumi

They say, “What is love?”, say, “The
abandonment of free will.​​​​​​​ 
- Rumi

In this cold and rain the Beloved is sweeter​​​​​​​ 
- Rumi

The Bird of my heart has again begun to flutter 
- Rumi

I am thinking of rhymes, and my
Sweetheart says to me,
“Do not think of aught except vision of Me“
- Rumi

In Love all things are transformed; Armenian is changed to Turk
 - Rumi

Hast thou ever seen a name without
the reality (denoted by the name)?
Or hast thou plucked a rose (gol)
from the (letters) gáf and lám of
(the word) gol?
 - Rumi

Thou are the First and the Last:
we between are nothing,
a nothing that does not come into
(admit of) expression
- Rumi

I am weary of beast and devil,
 a man is my desire
- Rumi

Because the soul, when it is not
united with Beloved,
is blind and blue(miserable) with
itself forever
- Rumi

Which is stranger—the glance that
flies like an arrow,
or the brow you have set as a bow?
- Rumi

I have shortened this ode; the rest of it is in my heart; I will utter it, if You intoxicate me with your dreamy eye
- Rumi

Come in, O mother: I am happy
here, although in appearance I am
amidst the fire
- Rumi

The dark night is transformed to
bright day by your moonlike face
- Rumi

We, whether we be cunning (sane) or mad, are intoxicated with that Cupbearer and that cup
- Rumi

My night of waiting is very long​​​​​​​
- Rumi

If the shadow gives an indication of him, the sun (himself) gives spiritual light every moment​​​​​​​
- Rumi

Without you the city is a prison for me​​​​​​​
- Rumi
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