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INSAN 0001 (Human)

INSAN 0001 (Human)

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 The view of the human being (Insan / انسان) expressed in the Quran has always seemed remarkable to me. When we look at the word “Insan” in Quranic verses, we encounter many good traits and many undesirable traits in what it represents. In the Quran, the human being is weak, hasty, restless, fretful, and ungenerous – a creature created from clay, from molded mud, from a clod of earth. On the other hand, he is also the created being who accepted the burden of rust that God had offered to the heavens, to the earth, and to the mountains, but which each of them had refused to bear because they feared so heavy a weight.



  • Original Artwork, 2023

  • Ink on 250 gsm American Bristol 

  • 50x70 cm

  • Unframed



    • The artwork is signed by mehdi naghavi



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