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Iranian artist Hemad Javadzade, who was born in 1984, lives in Istanbul currently. He graduated from Mashhad Samenolhojaj University and Tabriz UCNA University Graphic Design department.

‘’In Disturbance Series, the conflict concept is closely connected with the contrast between light and shadow. Color, form, and subject come after these two. The contrasting concept between visual items always attracts my attention and I try to include this in my art. Especially in recent years, the subject and compositions of my works have undergone a change. I try to stay away from the routine and reflect on my fantasy world. The disturbance series gather different aspects of visual contrast and integrates each other. I use curvy forms of muscle tissue, tough tissue of the rock, and moving feathers altogether. The rocks and stones, which are supposed to stand still, are being exposed to moving and ultra-vivid colored – hanging in the air materials. In contrast to this, living grey animals stay immobilized inevitably. An iconic glance of the animal item is making a connection with the viewer. This eye full of innocence and desperation expresses internal conflict and vulnerability against red and living rocks. It might be seen that the extinction of the environment and animals is the subject matter but in fact, I try to approach a purer concept and research for deeper philosophical layers of human existence. I am in the aim of creating images, which have a wider and more general rejection, of today’s people’s ideas and lifestyles. On the other hand, eastern culture is always an important conceptual and technical reference point for me. Historically important materials like paper and watercolor paint always attracted my attention. Besides, in this series, using vertical frames helped me to create an ethereal attractive spacing.’’

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