Shipping Policy

Shipping is FREE for Turkey!
For other countries shipping cost is 150 TL(around 20$).
Products are normally shipped within the number of days shown in the product info. The expected delivery time for an order is set out in the order confirmation(normali 10 days). In case of delay in delivery, we will inform you and continue to monitor the order. Depending on delivery method you may be required to pick up the order at a specific delivery point. You are required to do so within the time specified in the notification of delivery.
Return Policy
You may withdraw your order by notifying us within 14 days from the day that you received the ordered products. You must then send us ( a withdrawal notification containing your name and the order number and a specification of which products that the withdrawal relates to. You are responsible for the condition of the products during the shipment back to us and we therefore strongly recommend that you send these well packaged, in good condition and in their original packaging.
When an order is withdrawn by you, we will refund the price that you have paid for the products. However, the return freight cost will be covered by us, and if it’s any depreciation in value of the product that will also be deducted from the refund. We will pay the amount to be refunded as soon as possible and within 14 days of the withdrawal notification. We will however delay the payment until we have received the withdrawn products or proof that they have been sent to us (certificate of delivery). The refund will be paid with the same payment method that you used to pay the withdrawn products unless otherwise agreed.

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