The nuqtavi movement believed that in Persian and Arabic script, the Nuqta (dot) is the principle of existence. The movement owes most of its doctrines, including this one, to hurufism. According to legend, when two Nuqtavis came together, they recognized each other in this way: one of them said: “From what did you understand what it is to be a Dervish”? The other, putting his right hand on the ground or the floor, wrote the word “Bi” (ب). After drawing the dot of the Bi, he put his finger in his mouth the way someone puts salt in his mouth, then said: “I did not find anything but this.” The first Nuqtavi repeated that act, and in that way, the two identified each other. They then began to tell each other secrets. Nuqtavis believe that the Qur’an is summed up in Surah Al-Fatiha and that the concept of this Surah is in Bismillah, further circumscribed into the Nuqta of this Bi. Ali Ibn Abi-Talib is this Nuqta. In this collection, I had put a different look to the Nuqta using An Arabic poem.